This online, on-demand course is intended for those “power” users who will manage SharePoint sites.

What's in the Course?

  • The concept of Sites, Pages, and Web Parts
  • Team Sites vs. Communication Sites
  • The Concept of Microsoft 365 Groups
  • How to create Team sites
  • How to create Communication sites
  • How to manage site navigation 
  • How to change the look & feel of a site 
  • How to manage SharePoint pages 
  • How to create new SharePoint pages 
  • How to link pages
  • How to add web parts to a page
  • How to manage Site security & permissions
  • How to add users to the sites 
  • How to remove users from sites, folders, and documents 
  • How to create unique security for a library, file, or folder
  • How to adjust Site Sharing Settings
  • How to disable OneDrive Sync
  • How to disable Office Online 
  • How to manage Version History
  • How to restore a SharePoint document library 
  • How to access Second-Stage Recycle bin

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    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Course Prerequisites

    1. Sites vs. Web Parts. Vs. Pages

    2. What is a Site?

    3. What is a Web Part?

    4. What is a Page?

    5. What is Microsoft 365 Group?

    6. Microsoft 365 Group Overview

    7. 2 types of SharePoint sites

    8. What is a Communication Site?

    9. What is a Team Site?

    1. How to create a Communication Site

    2. How to create a Team Site

    3. Private vs. Public Privacy Setting

    4. How to manage Navigation

    5. How to change the Look and Feel

    1. Sections and Columns

    2. How to add Web Parts to a page

    3. How to Save and Publish a page

    4. How to create a new Page

    5. How to access all the pages on a Site

    6. How to compare page versions

    7. How to restore a previous version of the page

    8. How to link text using Page Anchors

    9. How to link pages

    1. Out of the box Web Parts

    2. An overview of the frequently used web parts

    3. How to access additional settings of a web part

    4. How to configure News Web Part

    1. How to manage security on a Communication Site

    2. How to manage security on a Team Site

    3. How to share a Team Site without inviting user to a group

    4. How to remove users from a site

    5. How to remove access to shared files and folders

    6. How to create unique permissions for a document library

    7. How to create unique permissions for a file or folder

    8. How to adjust Site Sharing Settings

    9. How to prevent Members from editing Pages

About this course

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  • 2 hours of video content


SharePoint Beginner Course

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