This online, on-demand course is intended for business users and all those who are just starting with SharePoint.

What's in the Course?

  • Difference between SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft 365
  • The concept of sites and document libraries
  • How to upload and download documents
  • How to move and copy files and folders across sites
  • How to edit documents
  • The concept of versioning
  • The concept of co-authoring
  • The concept of check-in and check-out
  • How to sync documents to your computer via OneDrive sync
  • How to set up notification alerts
  • How to share files, folders, and sites internally and externally
  • How to delete and restore documents
  • How to add templates to a library
  • How to search for documents and content in SharePoint
  • OneDrive and SharePoint mobile apps
  • What is SharePoint Start Page

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    1. Welcome to the Course!

    1. What is SharePoint?

    2. What is Microsoft 365?

    3. What is OneDrive?

    1. The concept of SharePoint Sites

    2. What is a Document Library?

    3. How to upload documents via the Upload Button

    4. How to upload documents via Drag-and-Drop

    5. How to access File Commands

    6. How to edit the documents in the Browser

    7. How to edit documents in the Desktop Application

    8. How Version History Works

    9. How to compare two versions of a document in Word

    10. How to move documents

    11. How to copy documents

    12. The concept Co-Authoring

    13. The concept of Check-Out

    14. How to create and manage alerts

    15. How to pin files and folders

    16. How to bookmark folders via Add Shortcut to OneDrive

    17. How to add document Templates to a Library

    18. How to download documents to a computer

    1. Types of sharing

    2. Share vs. Copy Link

    3. Types of sharing links on files and folders

    4. How to share a site internally

    5. How to share a folder internally

    6. How to share a file internally

    7. How to share a site externally

    8. How to share a folder externally

    9. How to share a file externally

    10. Sharing vs. Sending attachments

    1. What is OneDrive Sync?

    2. How to sync a document library

    3. How to disable Files on Demand

    4. How to sync specific folders via selective sync

    5. Two-way Synchronization Overview

    6. How to stop synchronization

    7. How to access file commands via OneDrive Sync

    1. How to access the Recycle Bin

    2. How to restore documents from the Recycle Bin

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