This online, on-demand course is for anyone who is struggling to find documents stored in the existing folder hierarchies.

What's in the Course?

  • Problems with folders
  • The concept of metadata
  • How to set up metadata in SharePoint 
  • How to create Library-level metadata 
  • How to create Site-level metadata
  • How to create Term Store metadata
  • Term Store Advantages
  • How to configure Views
  • Metadata Limitations
  • Enterprise Keywords
  • How to come up with metadata

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    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. Course Prerequisites

    1. Problems with Folders

    2. The concept of SharePoint Metadata

    3. Metadata Real Life Example

    4. Metadata in SharePoint Overview

    5. 3 ways to create Metadata in SharePoint

    1. Column Types Overview

    2. How to create Library Metadata

    3. How to tag documents

    4. How to update Library columns

    5. How to change the order of columns in the Information Panel

    6. Library Metadata Limitations

    1. Site Column Creation Process Overview

    2. How to create Site Columns

    3. How to add Site Columns to a library

    4. How to Update Site columns

    5. Site Metadata Limitations

    1. Introduction to the Term Store

    2. How to make yourself an Admin of the Term Store

    3. The concept of Term Groups, Term Sets, Terms

    4. Term Store Metadata Column Creation Process Overview

    5. How to create new Terms

    6. How to create Managed Metadata Columns

    7. How to tag documents with Managed Metadata

    8. How to update Managed Metadata Columns

    9. How to delete Terms

    10. How to access Term Store from a SharePoint Site

    1. Global Metadata

    2. Rename a Term

    3. Typeahead functionality

    4. Synonyms

    5. Term Hierarchies

    6. Multi-language support

    7. Custom Sort

    8. Submission Policy

    9. Term Group Security

    10. Term Import via Excel

About this course

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SharePoint Beginner Course

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SharePoint Metadata

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