This online, on-demand course is intended for those who want to start using Microsoft Teams.

What's in the Course?

  • Overview of SharePoint, OneDrive & Microsoft 365
  • The concept of a Microsoft 365 Group
  • Private vs. Public Teams
  • How to create a new Team
  • Standard vs. Private Channels
  • Tabs & Apps
  • Chat & Meeting Capabilities
  • How to access Meeting recordings
  • Teams File Management
  • Integration with Outlook
  • How to invite external users to a Team
  • How to manage notifications
  • Team Owner settings


  • 24/7 access from
    any device

  • Packed with lots of tips and best practices

  • Knowledgeable and passionate instructor


  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Course!

  2. 2
    • What is SharePoint?

    • What is Microsoft 365?

    • What is OneDrive?

  3. 3
    • What is Microsoft 365 Group?

    • Microsoft 365 Group Demo

    • How to create a Microsoft 365 Group

    • Evolution of Teams

    • Overview of Teams

  4. 4
    • What happens when you create a new Team

    • 3 levels of Privacy in Teams

    • How to create a new Team

    • How to connect a Team to an existing Microsoft 365 Group

    • How to copy a Team from an existing Team

    • How to create a Team from Teams Templates

  5. 5
    • Channels and Tabs

    • Channels Overview

    • How to create a Standard Channel

    • How to create a Private Channel

  6. 6
    • Tabs Overview

    • How to add a Tab to a Channel

    • How to link other document libraries as tabs

    • How to add Tasks Tab

  7. 7
    • Personal Chat vs. Channel Chat

    • Chat Features Overview

    • New Conversation vs. Reply

    • How to mention a user in a conversation

    • How to mention multiple users via the Tags feature

  8. 8
    • Meet Now Feature

    • How to schedule a Teams Meeting

    • How to record and access Teams Recordings

  9. 9
    • SharePoint Document Library overview

    • Standard Channel File Management

    • Private Channel File Management

    • Private Chat File Management

    • How to connect other Cloud Storage

  10. 10
    • How to share a conversation to Outlook

    • How to send an email from Outlook to a Teams Channel

    • How to display events from Outlook within a channel

  11. 11
    • How to share a Team externally

    • Guest Access Limitations

  12. 12
    • How to configure Global Notifications

    • How to configure Channel Notifications

    • How to configure Conversation Notifications

  13. 13
    • Search Function Overview

    • How to Search Messages in Teams

    • How to Search Files in Teams

    • How to use Search Bar as a Command Bar

  14. 14
    • Team Settings Overview

    • How to manage Member Permissions

    • How to manage Guest Permissions

    • How to manage Tags

    • How to restore deleted channels

    • How to moderate Conversations

    • How to archive a Team

  15. 15
    • Your Feedback - Post Course Evaluation

    • Coupon for the next course

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Introduction to
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